Saturday, 18 April 2009

We Versus The Shark Tour Diary Part 18

Eighteenth Installment: My Brain (16/04/09)

A month and a half has gone by, and my brain has left the building.

Last night we played in Bolzano, Italy with Capillary Action, a band lead by Jonathan Pfeffer, a 22-year-old from Philly who falls into the "force of nature" category of young people with endless amounts of creative energy and self-promotional propulsion (i.e. Allison Weiss). Once a "spazz-out" band with metal tendencies, his quintet line-up of NY jazz-hobos currently sports a more Latin American flavor; it still sounds like a radio dial being flipped every five seconds, except this time it's a radio in Brazil.

It was nice to play with some people we knew, see some familiar faces. Capillary Action have been on tour for two months, and they will continue to tour, Europe and Stateside, until mid-July. They are insane. But the accordion player is also Jonathan's girlfriend, so maybe not.

Looking back, it's frankly pretty blurry. It's hard to quantify the experience. There's very little opportunity for anything other than driving into a town, playing, sleeping, and repeating the experience. You can walk around a little, but exploring beyond the immediate area surrounding the venue is usually out of the question. I have little scraps of paper from funny pamphlets and local papers' descriptions of our band which I can't read. You walk around, you take pictures, you don't buy anything because anything you buy will be destroyed in the van. You see things you never thought you would see in your life. You think about coming back to see all this with your girlfriend, as opposed to, say, eight sentient farts. You go to Europe for five weeks. My brain has left the building.

Jeff Tobias, We Versus The Shark. Blog courtesy of Flagpole Magazine: Colorbearer of Athens, GA Star Power!

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