Saturday, 11 April 2009

ASIWYFA Album Launch Tour Diary Part 1

First day down. We got the ferry from Larne at quarter past ridiculous and rolled into Troon shortly after that, and the weather was on our side. We hooked up with my brother while he was at work to get keys for his place so we could catch up on some sleep, you gotta take it where you can when on the road!

Johnny, Chris, Brian (our tour manager and all round legend) and the enigma that is Mr Ben Goddard got settled for a nap (rock n roll!) but there was no time for sleep for Friers and myself, Rory had an ill amp that required immediate attention, time was running out before sound check.

We drove into Glasgow centre, parked up and two very kind ladies offered us their pay and display ticket as they were leaving, score! That was random act of kindness number one, then we got the amp to the two awesome women who own StrungOutGuitars (apparently Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai and, most awesomely, SNOOP DOGGs band are all customers!) who went about resurrecting Rorys twin reverb from the dead, and as if that wasn't enough (random act of kindness number two coming up), they did it for FREE. WE LOVE YOU GLASGOW!

Then to the gig, Ivory Blacks, thank you everybody who came down, you guys were fucking great, a lot of familiar faces from the last time we were in town and a lot of new ones, which is what it's all about really. We had a blast, and props must be given to Mike, one of the drunkest and loveliest guys we've ever encountered, he even managed to fall over the crowd barrier whilst burping his approval, respect! Kudos also to Phil for his encouraging heckling, and thanks so much to Halina from Glasgows counterpart to NI PodCast.

We'll see y'all in Glasgow next month, now, the guys are telling me to get to the van, Liverpool awaits...

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