Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Breaking Kayfabe

So, it seems that the FWW vs ASIWYFA DEATH MATCH is getting to be a rumble of similar proportions to The Mega Powers vs André the Giant & Ted DiBiase.

News flooded in this morning that even the BBC ATL blog has picked up on it. WARNING: CONTAINS WARNINGS ABOUT SWEARING AND CAHIR IN SUPERMAN PANTS.

I am, (un)fortunately, not going to 'stoke the fire' like Mr Ferris seems to insist on doing, except to say that I've seen Craig FWW handle a Texas-large shot of jägermeister as it were no more than water.

So my money is probably on him.


The rumble goes down Saturday May 2nd, within the Festival Marquee on Belfast's Custom House Square. Tickets available here.

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