Friday, 10 April 2009

We Versus The Shark Tour Diary Part 14

Fourteenth Installment: Let Me Here You, Berlin!(09/04/09)

Listen, I like Blakfish. Blakfish are really nice guys. They also happen to be sadists. They are the drivers, so they are the iPod DJs. For the last few days, our drives have been graced by Metallica's complete reverse chronological order. After listening to so much, I mean so much of this crap (Load? Fucking "Reload"?) that by the time you get to the good stuff, it's like being shown a picture of Hitler as a baby. "Cute baby, right?" No way, man. Worst baby ever. The only upside? James Hetfield's call-and-response exhortations on the live album S&M:

Hetfield: "Let me hear you, San Francisco!"


Hetfield: "You betcha!"

Today we played in Berlin. Scott's language in high school was German. So he took every opportunity he could to hop out from behind the drum set to attempt to engage the audience. Pretty much every time, Scott would say something and the expectant pause would be filled with the overwhelming sound of a few dozen Germans staring in complete silence. Afterwards, he somewhat dejectedly remarked to the bartender: "Was my German any good? Everyone was just staring at me." Bartender, blase: "No, we understood fine." As for me, I've made very few attempts to shatter the language barrier, but tonight I kept asking the audience if we should play some Rammstein covers. Who doesn't love a good Rammstein joke? Everyone who came to our show. Good times!

Jeff Tobias, We Versus The Shark. Blog courtesy of Flagpole Magazine: Colorbearer of Athens, GA Star Power!

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