Tuesday, 29 June 2010

New LaFaro Single OUT NOW

LaFaro's new digital single The Ballad Of Burnt Dave with an exclusive B side is out now from all the usual online outlets. The band have also released their very own app (!) for iPhone users to stay on top of the latest movements and gig bookings.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Rock Sound Highlights - LaFaro Live Review and Guilfest Preview

The new issue of Rock Sound has hit newsagents and among the goodness therein is a LaFaro live review and a preview of the RS curated stage at Guilfest featuring both LaFaro and ASIWYFA...

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

LaFaro Playlist Numero Cuatro

Dave LaFaro's been at the Spotify again...

LaFaro Playlist Numero Cuatro Tracklisting:
Alice In Chains – Them Bones
Nirvana – Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Stone Temple Pilots – Sex Type Thing
Soundgarden – Room A Thousand Years Wide
The Wildhearts – Suckerpunch
Foo Fighters – Weenie Beenie
Jawbox – Savory
At The Drive-In – One Armed Scissor
Senseless Things – Christine Keeler - Single Version
Sparklehorse – Happy Man (Memphis Version)

LaFaro Launch Show Live Footage from Bandwidth

Missed out on the Apr 28th LaFaro album launch show at the Menagerie? Watch Will McConnell's superb video footage at the always excellent Bandwidth Sessions site.

And So I Watch You From Afar Feature In Fuck You Brussels Magazine

ASIWYFA's recent visit to Brussels caught the attention of the influential arts/party blog Brussels Is Burning who have included an interview with Rory from the band in the first issue of their Fuck You Brussels magazine. Check page 25 of the digital edition.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

ASIWYFA live from Amsterdam!

And So I Watch You From Afar crashed back to earth last week after a whirlwind 3 date spectacular across Europe with rock titans - Them Crooked Vultures.

Three shows sure to live long in their memories and here's why >>>

Click the links below to check out the tracks showcased to a 6000 strong crowd in the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Skibunny EP Tour Diary Part 1

Friday 11th JuneSkibunny arrive in INVERNESS, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for action. We already have fond memories of Highland good times, having previously DJ’d at Rockness and Belladrum festivals over the years. But this time it’s different, cause this time we’re playing LIVE! So first up it’s a showcase at Madhatters, part of the Go North event. We have time to catch Woodhands, a duo from Toronto whose equipment has been blown up with a dodgy converter and we are unfortunately deprived of all the synths and keytars they’ve brought along. We get the general idea however, and very much enjoy their synth/drum party vibe. Soon it’s 12.30am and time to play. The audience are in good spirits to say the least, and the show is super fun, and so we reward ourselves with a pint or two at the hotel bar with some old friends. My back is to the elevator, and therefore I do not see the doors open to reveal the sleepwalking naked man, who is… well… pleasuring himself! I am assured it was not a pretty sight. This story is told and retold throughout the weekend and has now become the stuff of legend.
Andy & JonAndy & Jon

Sat 12th JuneROCKNESS! After a stomach lining brunch we head out to Rockness and make our way over to the Go North stage. Once again we are reminded what a beautiful location this is for a festival. I stand and watch the Loch for some time to see if I can catch a glimpse of the monster, perhaps all this loud music has scared it off… Later I’m introduced to Toki from the band Mothercoat from Tokyo, Japan, and I try to remember my Japanese lessons (pretty rusty I’m ashamed to say). We manage to catch a few bands on the Go North stage, including Miaoux Miaoux from Glasgow, (he’s playing with us in Edinburgh too) and then we’re on. Again the crowd are up for the craic and lots of friends have come along to lend their support, thanks guys! After the show and a quick podcast interview, Andy (drums) and Jon (bass) head off to meet friends while I make it back to Inverness to catch Mothercoat at Madhatters. The place is packed and they are totally brilliant. Glow sticks are flying around the place and the band and audience are jumping in unison. A fantastic way to end the night.

Sun 13th June – Back to Rockness for some more interviews, and then it’s time for Blondie. Everyone is super excited and it’s great to hear the hits. Then it’s time to go, and we start our 2-part journey to London, where we arrive on Mon 14th June Chez Liana in time for a couple of pints at the local and a good nights sleep.


Tues 15th JuneLONDON! Tonight’s show is at the Monarch in Camden. At this stage we are joined by soundman and good friend Finian. He works with Rolo Tomassi, Gallows and just last weekend was mixing Shy Child in Portugal! The gig goes really well, with a great deal of dancing going on down the front, so we are all very happy indeed.

Fin & TanyaFin & Tanya

Wed 16th JuneNOTTINGHAM! Last time we played Nottingham was on the Har Mar Superstar tour, such a great night, so we are excited to come back. Plus it’s Wednesday, or “Big Wednesday” which means ditching the car early and getting the jeagerbombs in. Spanky Van Dykes is a pretty new venue, with awesome TOTP style lights behind the stage, we love it. The show is a little quiet (don’t they KNOW it’s Big Wednesday??!!) but those in attendance are won over, they buy merchandise and we give them free badges. Then promoter Jeremy takes us all to the Bodega Social Club, where Big Wednesday is happening big style! We just miss Fin’s pals Pulled Apart By Horses, but we do get to meet James from Rolo Tomassi who seems like a top bloke indeed. Many Jaegerbombs later, it’s time for me to call it a night, leaving the boys to continue the Big Wednesday fun, and the next day I hear stories of parties in student Halls of Residence.

Spanky Van DykesSpanky Van Dykes

Thurs 17th June – We awake to news that our show in BRISTOL was double booked, and therefore we are forced to cancel the trip. Major bummer… We settle instead for a couple of nights at home and the chance to do a bit of laundry and eat some fruit. Bristol, we’ll reschedule as soon as is possible!

Sat 19th June LEEDS! The one way system in Leeds is very frustrating indeed, and with a Sat-Nav that has no signal and an iPhone map app that just tells lies, it takes us some time to find the venue. But we do eventually, and arrive at Carpe Diem ready to rock. We’re know we’re in the right place when we see the bartender is wearing a Lafaro tshirt (up the STA hoods!) The kitchen has closed though, so we wander off to find food, and decide to treat ourselves to amazing burgers at Nation of Shopkeepers, which looks like a pretty sweet venue too. Back to Carpe Diem and while we get set up, the DJ is playing our remix of Forward Russia’s “Thirteen”. Yay! By the end of our set we have definitely won over some new fans and we look forward to coming back to Leeds again soon.

img_0968table 5

So that’s half time I guess. Part 2 follows soon!
Thurs 24th June - BATHGATE, Harleys - FREE
Fri 25th June - GLASGOW, Capitol, £5 on the door
Sat 26th June - EDINBURGH, Electric Circus

Sun 27th June - FIFE, The Greenside, Leslie
Fri 2nd July - ABERDEEN, Polar Bear Club @ Tunnels - £3/2

Friday, 18 June 2010

LaFaro Instore Set @ HMV Belfast

Thanks to Carrie Davenport for photos of LaFaro's lunchtime instore performance at HMV Belfast (Donegall Arcade) earlier today as part of the build-up for Glasgowbury 2010.

LaFaro Playlist Numero Tres

This time Dave LaFaro has a go.

LaFaro Playlist Numero Tres Tracklisting:
Rocket From The Crypt – Middle
Adebisi Shank – Snakehips
These Arms Are Snakes – Child Chicken Play
Helmet – Unsung
Pixies – Planet Of Sound
Beastie Boys – So What'Cha Want
The Jesus Lizard – Thumbscrews
The Ghost Of A Thousand – Split The Atom
Barkmarket – How Are You ?
Breach – Valid

LaFaro Playlist Numero Dos

C'mon and get this heavy metal goodness in your ears!

LaFaro Playlist Numero Dos Tracklisting:
Kylesa – Scapegoat
Converge – Wishing Well
Trashtalk – Eyes & Nines
Machine Head – Battery
Slayer – War Ensemble
Anthrax – Madhouse
Testament – The Persecuted Won't Forget
Mastodon – Colony Of Birchmen
Meshuggah – Bleed
Sepultura – Against
Entombed – Wreckage
Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod
Prong – Another Wordly Device
Slipknot – Psychosocial

From Illness - Save the Freebutt!!!!

Howdy STA blog readers, Spencer from Illness here, just wanted to take a moment of your time to inform you of a live music crisis going on in Brighton at the mo. Over the last year or two a few great music venues like Pressure Point and The Barfly have closed in our hometown, and we've just found out that another, The Engine Rooms, is closed and the seemingly-invulnerable Freebutt is under threat of closure due to noise complaints (well, one noise complaint).

The Freebutt is an awesome venue and Illness played some of their first ever gigs there, thanks to the almighty Andy Rossiter, music promoter and venue manager extraordinaire. Andy took over the venue along with some other Brighton musical institutions like Alex from OIB Records, and they have done a really good job of putting on luscious new and established music pretty much every single night.

So, no matter where you live, if you want to, could you show some solidarity with our music scene could you head over to the Save The Freebutt campaign site for more info, and sign the petition to save the Freebutt


Spencer from Illness

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Cahir FWW Guests On Party Fodder Podcast

Hey Everyone

The June edition of the Party Fodder podcast is now available or if you are an I-tunes spaz then you are more than encouraged to subscribe to it!

This month the Party Fodder Podcast takes a dive into the library of cuss and irreverence with an hilarious interview with Fighting With Wire's Cahir O'Doherty. We also stop by The Stiff Kitten to thread the language barrier with Iceland's finest FM Belfast, as well as brand new tracks from John Shelly and The Creatures, Robyn G Shiels, Clown Parlour and David Holmes. Wrap your ears round this lot then go in peace to love and serve your scene!

Clown Parlour - Stanley Kubrik
Key Of Atlas - Pure Black Spectrum
The Verona's - Head Rush
***Cahir O'Doherty Interview***
Fighting With Wire - All or Nothing

John Shelly and The Creatures - Killer
Robyn G Sheils - When we were Brothers
***FM Belfast Interview***
FM Belfast - Alaska in Winter
Paul Shevlin - You Wont Last the Night
Cutaways - Lover's are Lunatics
David Holmes - Living Room (Kevin Sheilds Remix)



Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Smalltown America Podcast June 2010 - Illness

Emilio & Spencer Illness play some of their favourite tracks and talk about their forthcoming tour with Shield Your Eyes and their 'Gifts From God EP' out on July 5th.

Illness - Old Song
Shield Your Eyes - Oranges
Soccer 96 - Super Warrior
Perch - Lilo
Dan Amos - See What I Can Do
P for Persia - Cliche

Subscribe to the podcast feed for automatic updates from all our artists.

Friday, 11 June 2010

STA Interview on Beat Generation

"Everybody needs HUGS at some point"

ATL - Chattering Classes #16 - Skibunny

Tanya Skibunny – yes, first name Tanya second name Skibunny, fact! Well not quite but it would be fun wouldn’t it? Anyhow the busy lady took a few moments to escape the pre tour chaos to talk to ATL's Rigsy on a cyber chat about life, hugs and the plan for the future!

Check out the full exchange here on the ATL blog!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Illness' first blogging experience...

Hello STA blog readers,

I wanted to let you know that the documentary I made about the Brighton band, P for Persia (mentioned on this blog on 1st June) has moved to a slightly new virtual location where it can be enjoyed at a higher pixellation and consistent screen resolution. WATCH IT HERE. I know that some of you will be desperate to access such a fine viewing opportunity, and we like to listen to our fans.

It also looks like our UK tour with Shield Your Eyes and Nope is finally in place, albeit a few changes to the schedule. Dates confirmed so far are now as follows:

7th July: Mitchells - GLASGOW
8th July: Henry's Cellar Bar - EDINBURGH
9th July: Dog and Partridge - BOLTON
12th July: The Red House - SHEFFIELD
13th July: Windmill Hill Golf Club - BLETCHLEY, MILTON KEYNES
14th July: The Port Mahon - OXFORD
15th July: The Hydrant - BRIGHTON
16th July: Brudenell - LEEDS
17th July: 1 in 12 Club - BRADFORD

So please come to see us play in a city near you...trust me, you want to check out Shield Your Eyes live!

Emilio from Illness

Fighting With Wire Belfast Show This Saturday!

Trousers... Kit drum... Beard...

These are just some of the many things that will be on show THIS SATURDAY... along with Fighting With Wire!

The FWW wagon cranks slowly back into gear and makes one final trip over to the 'states at the end of this month to finish the finishing of Album 2, but before then we've snuck in a show in BELFAST - THIS SATURDAY!

Its costs you 5 of the best and is sure to be an utter treat!

WHO'S IN... this one could get messy!

Sam FWW Team


Grab a copy of this weeks Kerrang! where a very cold and wet looking LaFaro feature on their introducing section >>>

Monday, 7 June 2010

ASIWYFA Launch New Northern Irish Music Intiative

Northern Ireland’s musical grass roots is due a boost with the establishment of a new programme called FFWD. Set up to provide a range of seminars and masterclasses for artists and music businesses, it launched last Thursday with a FFWD Mentoring Clinic at the Oh Yeah Music Centre, Belfast.

The first session saw music industry bods Andrew Ferris and Charlene Hegarty (Smalltown America Records), Fran Cotton (legal and business affairs specialist), Rocky O’Reilly (Start Together studios/Oppenheimer/Malibu Shark Attack!), Mark Gordon (Score Draw Music/Skibunny) and Linley Hamilton (leading NI session musician, composer, performer) all offering advice and guidance.

Ross Graham, FFWD Programme manager, says, “Northern Ireland continues to produce world class creative musical talent and is now developing a strong entrepreneurial base and a growing infrastructure for the sector. This programme is designed to help local artists to add business skills to their creative skills, enhance the expertise of music entrepreneurs and help promote the N.I. music sector to key music and media industry players.”

Thursday, 3 June 2010

STA's summer festival season gets kick started by Skibunny!

In preparation for the release of their debut 'Walk Don't Walk' EP the band will be touring the UK starting next weekend - full dates below....

Fri 11th June - INVERNESS, Go North @ Mad Hatters (onstage 12.30am)
Go North Stage, 10pm
Tues 15th June - LONDON, The Monarch
Wed 16th June - NOTTINGHAM, Spanky Van Dykes (live and DJ set)
Thurs 17th June - BRISTOL, Mothers Ruin
Fri 18th June - MANCHESTER, Sub 61
Sat 19th June - LEEDS, Carpe Diem
Thurs 24th June - BATHGATE, Harleys
Fri 25th June - GLASGOW, Capitol
Sat 26th June - EDINBURGH, Electric Circus

Sun 27th June - FIFE, The Greenside, Leslie
Fri 2nd July - ABERDEEN, Polar Bear Club @ Tunnels

Pre-order Walk Don't Walk Now >>> Click here!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

June 2010 Newsletter

So it's June already, and we're almost halfway through 2010. This year has already brought us a fine number of musical delights, and we hope some STA releases have featured in your personal list. On with the news...

[0] MPFree: LaFaro Go 8-bit

We hope you all enjoyed the Skibunny track we gave you last month. This month's giveaway is an exclusive remix of LaFaro's 'Tuppenny Nudger', wherein the track is skillfully twisted into some decidedly 8-bit shapes by Irish beatmeister The Vinny Club.

Please click here to download the track. We love it, and we hope you do too!

[1] ASIWYFA Supporting Them Crooked Vultures

Some very, very, VERY exciting news - And So I Watch You From Afar have been asked to support the Grohl/Homme/Jones rock monster that is Them Crooked Vultures at three European shows in June! Whilst this is obviously great news for the band, Team STA is a little sad none of us will be there to see the venues melt due to the sheer power of Rock on display.

Here is a list of all the band's summer live engagements as they currently stand:

June 3 - VIENNA - Arena Vienna (supporting Them Crooked Vultures) - AT
June 7 - ESCH-SU-ALZETTE - Rockhal (supporting Them Crooked Vultures) - LUX
June 10 - AMSTERDAM - Heineken Music Hall (supporting Them Crooked Vultures) - NE
July 3 - BANBRIDGE - Take It To The Bridge Festival - IRL
July 16 - CHELTENHAM - 2000 Trees Festival - GB
July 16 - GUILDFORD - Guilfest - GB
July 17 - SALACGRIVA - Positivus Festival - LV
July 30 - BEELEN - Krach am Back Festival - DE
August 19 - HASSELT - Pukklepop Festival - BE

While you're here, take a look at this piece about the band rocking the last ever Hideaway House show. We especially like the Black Flag tee, guys.

The Kerrang! Awards have just launched their voting round again, best newcomers anyone...?

[2] Skibunny EP Pre-Order & Tour Dates

As announced last month, Skibunny have now joined the happy STA family. Their first release for the label, the four-track Walk Don't Walk EP, will be available from June 7th 2010 on download and CD. The digital version will be available at iTunes, 7digital and all good online retailers, whilst the CD will be available exclusively via the STA online store. Click here to preorder it.

The band are on tour over the next few months, here are the dates currently confirmed:

June 11 - INVERNESS, Go North (MadHatters, 12.30am)
June 15 - LONDON, The Monarch
Jube 16 - NOTTINGHAM, Spanky Van Dykes (live and DJ set)
June 17 - BRISTOL, Mothers Ruin
June 18 - MANCHESTER, Sub 61
June 19 - LEEDS, Carpe Diem
June 24 - BATHGATE, Harleys
June 25 - GLASGOW, Capitol
June 26- EDINBURGH, Electric Circus
June 27 - FIFE, The Greenside, Leslie
July 2 - ABERDEEN, Polar Bear Club @ Tunnels

[3] Illness EP Pre-Order & Tour Dates

We will be releasing the Gifts From God EP from Brighton two-piece Illness on July 5th 2010. As with the Skibunny release mentioned above, it will be available digitally everywhere and as a limited edition CD exclusively on the STA Store - click here to pre-order. The physical edition features a bonus video that will not be available elsewhere.

The band have the following dates coming up:

May 29 - LONDON, Barfly
May 30 - BRIGHTON, Cowley Club (with LaFaro)
June 10 - LONDON, The Stag's Head
July 8 - EDINBURGH, Henry's Cellar Bar (with Shield Your Eyes)
July 9 - BOLTON, Dog & Partridge (with Shield Your Eyes)
July 16 - BRIGHTON, The Hydrant (with Shield Your Eyes)
July 17 - LONDON, The Constitution (with Shield Your Eyes)

The guys still have a number of dates to fill on their July tour with Shield Your Eyes. If you're interested in booking them please check out their myspace.

Emilio Illness is also a budding film-maker, and he's setting out on a project to make short films about the bands that Illness share stages and shows with. The first installment is online now - click here to view via Vimeo and takes a look at fellow Brightonites P Is For Persia. The band members discuss their live shows, recordings and future plans before tearing through a full live performance of their song 'Mount Muffin Top'. Take a look!

[4] New LaFaro Single Is...

Last month we asked for your help in choosing the next single to be taken from LaFaro's debut album, and the winner was... 'The Ballad of Burnt Dave'! The single will be released digitally on June 28th 2010. There will be another exclusive t-shirt design to go along with this, we'll tweet this design and do a special mailout to alert you when the pre-order goes live on this one.

The band are coming to the end of their album tour, but there are still a number of dates lined up over the next week:

June 1 - CARDIFF, Barfly
June 2 - LONDON, Underworld (supporting RX Bandits)
June 3 - OXFORD, The Jericho
June 4 - MANCHESTER, The Retro Bar

[5] Alan MX's Green Tea EP Out Now

The latest release from Alan MX is now available. Green Tea comes as a six track digital EP and a double CD set available exclusively from the STA online store. The physical release contains the six-track EP as well as a bonus six-track remix CD. It's handmade, limited to 50 copies and looks like this.

We don't expect these to last very long, so we advise you to pick one up sooner rather than later!

[6] 4 or 5 Magicians - New Lineup, New Shows

All change in camp 4 or 5! For all the details check out frontman and band linchpin Dan Ormsby waxing lyrical on the changes to the 4 or 5 touring lineup over at the STA blog. The new lineup have their first shows in June and July, dates as follows:

June 4 - BRIGHTON, Pavilion Tavern
July 9 - LONDON, The Macbeth

Expect new songs!

That's all from us for now. Thanks for reading, listening and believing.

Team STA