Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Weather Underground - A New Project

Stephen McCauley and myself have begun work on a new project called The Weather Underground. It is an alternative music programme which will feature live performances cut with good promo videos.

At the moment, it is a very DIY set-up and will exist, for the time being, on the internet only. We're going to focus on Adebisi Shank for our first episode. Our plan is to record 2 songs with them at the soundcheck of their gig in Mason's this Friday (it's free by the way). Hopefully they are going to perform "You Me" and "Colin Skehan". We're also going to film a little interview.

This is a lo-fi, DIY project and we'll be recording it using only one camera and 2 mics. The footage will be available for everyone to use/blog and disseminate via the internet. It's just another way that we want to try and tell you about some amazing new bands.

As with all ideas like this, it's only worthwhile if people like it - so I'll post the youtube link next week - it would be great to hear some feedback as it will really help us improve the show and idea. What do you love/what sucks about music programmes these days?

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

I originally picked this up when I was in New York last October. I meant to post it at the time but my PC died, but LUCKILY I found it when I moved.

TRUE IRISH ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 23 January 2009

Public Service Blogcast Episode 18

This week's chosen nine featuring fresh Brakes (no silly Eamon Holmes references this time, promise) and much previously unreleased goodness

Public Service Blogcast Episode 18
33 minutes 49 seconds
Recorded 23/01/09

00.29 Brakes - Crystal Tunings (from Touchdown album - FatCat)
04.42 Ten Kens - Spanish Fly (from self-titled album - FatCat)
07.01 Tantrums - Baracudas (previously unreleased)
09.49 Uh Ohs - I Can't Wait (from Cheat Cheater single - NROne Records)
14.08 Bestial Mouths - Skin Slipping Off (previously unreleased)
17.14 Boat To Row - The Young And Quirky (previously unreleased)
21.28 My Amiga - Thank Heavens For Little Victories (previously unreleased)
25.57 The Winter Olympics - Feeling European (previously unreleased)
29.51 Spaceships Are Cool - Let Things Go (from self-titled self-released EP)

If you have any feedback or want to get a track played, get in touch - email

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Public Service Blogcast Episode 17

Ten great tunes from the ever-growing pile plus a reminder that the last Fighting With Wire UK tour for a little while begins Jan 22nd - all the dates are here so don't miss out!

Public Service Blogcast Episode 17
34 minutes 05 seconds
Recorded 17/01/09

00.29 Bears From Labrador - God (from Wilderness EP - Hero Rhymes With Zero Records)
04.21 BATS - Death To Kent Hovind (from Cruel Sea Scientist EP - Richter Collective)
06.10 Cloak/Dagger - Walk the Block (from We Are album - Jade Tree)
08.48 Edie Sedgwick - Sissy Spacek (from Things Are Getting Sinister And Sinisterer album - Dischord)
11.40 Electric Owls - Magic Show (from Magic Show EP - self-released)
15.40 Exotic Animal Petting Zoo - These People Refuse To Believe That The Lake Is Bottomless (from I Have Made My Bed In Darkness album - Mediaskare Records)
20.58 Joy Of Sex - December, Month Of Plenty (from self-titled self-released EP)
22.53 Lanterns - Midnight Psalms (Alright!) (from Apocalypse Youth EP - self-released)
26.50 The Pity Party - HOTS (from Hotwork EP - self-released)
30.18 Prego - Cause And Resolve (from Cause And Resolve single)

If you have any feedback or want to get a track played, get in touch - email

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Public Service Blogcast Episode 16

Normal blogcast service is resumed as we wade into the deluge of submissions that arrived during Christmas and New Year plus shameless plugging which you'll thank us for; two not-to-be-missed additions to the STA store in the form of debut offerings from Alan MX and Calories both in special limited versions.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 16
26 minutes 05 seconds
Recorded 08/01/09

00.29 The Brent Flood - Skinny Machines (from Autumn 2007 Demo CD - The Animal Farm)
03.57 Minipuma - Wild Thoughts (previously unreleased)
05.21 Peachcake - Did I Just Do That Or Was It Jim Carrey? (from What Year Will You Have The World? album - Mainstream Records)
09.55 Lymbyc Systym - Narita (from Field Studies split EP with This Will Destroy You - Magic Bullet Records)
13.20 Bahnhof Zoo - I'm Not A Murderer (download from Oxford Music Net)
16.18 Look Mexico - A Survivor's Code. My Code. (from Gasp Asp EP - Lujo Records)
20.14 Threatmantics - Don't Care (from Upbeat Love album - Double Six Records)
23.29 Fight Like Apes - Tie Me Up With Jackets (from forthcoming Fight Like Apes And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion album - Model Citizen Records)

If you have any feedback or want to get a track played, get in touch - email Coming soon: takeovers from sister label Faux Discx head honcho Dan Reeves and Let Our Enemies Beware.