Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ice, Free, Dead People

Re: the title - I'm really sorry.

Anyway, fresh from 'do'ing Croatia (see below) Ice, Sea, Dead People are giving away some freeeeee mp3s. Says vocalist/gtr/bass noisemaker Craig on a thread on Drownedinsound...

Yeahhh, if you want them they're here. We're nice like that.

Our first single, 'Hence:Elvis'

'Justin Klein'

More info:

We've got a few London gigs coming up and are seeking more gigs elsewhere in May so feel free to contact us if you like what you hear. We're also working on our album which will be finished in a few months.


ISDP 'do': Croatia from isdp on Vimeo.
All of Team STA heartily endorse ISDP, because they're great. Also, Craig and Eddie are oldschool Jetplane Landing fans. Isn't that nice? You should all download these ANYWAY and go see them when they play near you.

Expect to see them on some STA bills over the next few months as well. Yay!

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