Saturday, 14 June 2008


We're at the Notting Hill Arts Club in London again this afternoon for some MORE LIVE MUSIC JAPERY. Hitting the stage this time:

EPIDEME - myspace - onstage 7pm
>>> The Wire sez "Two guitars, one drum, much yelling, and a boil of fuzz and stutter that will not be denied", and we think this is pretty spot on. New 7" out now on Jonson Family.

CALORIES - myspace - onstage 6pm
>>> First ever London show from this new stripped-back rock trio from ex-members of noise pop heroes Distophia! Expect plenty of Rock, in the twisted style of Hot Snakes, Liars and Deerhoof.

THE LIGHT SLEEPERS - myspace - onstage 5pm
>>> Brighton-via-Exeter purveyors of lo fi guitar pop. Debut album "We Are Gathering Dust", out through Faux Discx / Smalltown America in September, showcases their fuzzy Moore / Tengo / Malkmus-style ditties superbly.

Doors are at 4pm and it's TOTALLY FREE. Plus, it's my birthday tomorrow so I'm going to get like totally crunk WOAH and play records in between the bands. I'm going to play Jimmy Eat World. YEAH!

Facebook event? Last FM event? Sweet.

Monday, 9 June 2008


Here's an exclusive for readers of our little blog - we're putting out the new record by Let Our Enemies Beware. Don't know them? Imagine twisted avant-metal, shards of feedback and haunting moments of stillness. Then imagine it being played by four nutjobs from Kent. I'm awful with musical comparisons but for me they bring to mind Tomahawk quite a lot - heavy as fuck but quite playful with it.

If this still doesn't put you in the right frame of mind to imagine them, the front cover might help:

Take that, Peter Rabbit.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Pure Tense

Just been checking out Nicholas Bentley's website - wonderful, fun, creative promos. Just shows you what is possible when you put LOTS of love into something:

On a completely different tangent - here are FWW playing Nemesis on BBC at double speed - good drum fills from the Big Man - are you watching this Jools or are you polishing your ivories?: