Thursday, 16 April 2009


So I finally saw And So I Watch You From Afar last night, as their Barfly tour pulled into Camden Town (also my hood, y'know). Yes yes, they played at This Ain't No Picnic last year, but the thing about running a festival is that you don't actually get to watch any bands... Anyway, they slayed serious face and I had a super fun night. Go see them, they're on tour for the rest of time pretty much.

Anyway, on to some real content, here's their latest tour diary...

Greetings and Salutations, and huge apologies for our lack of online activity and keeping y'all up to date with the life and times of us ASIWYFA bums. My laptop is decidedly awful and refuses to connect to any of the wifi in the venues, instrumental punk rock doesn't pay for such luxuries as reliable silicon hardware!

Enough of that, on the second night of the tour we descended upon Liverpool with the sun shining and an un-flinching eagerness to resume some serious RAWK action. The turn-out was amazing, and they were totally up for the afore mentioned, "RAWK action". Chris, the promoter, and all round legend, took us out for a few ales. The less said about this the better...

Day 3 took us to Birmingham, and we were looking to build on our last show in the Second City (which was also our first there), we hoped we could increase the crowd that showed up that time, 6 people. SUCCESS! There was way more people there, and a fuckin' awesome lot they were too. After the set, we had to load out in double quick time to make way for the Techno night that was due to begin 10 minutes after we finished. Unfortunately we had a long drive ahead and Brian (our very sexy tour manager) wouldn't let us hang about, so we gave up our whistles, white gloves and glow sticks and thanked Brian for being the sensible one. Birmingham...we shall return!

Next we had a day off, which is really quite a rare thing for this band, we'd rather be playing a show or rehearsing or something...anything! Although we did really enjoy this one. Massive props to David and Cherry Marsh for putting us all up and treating us so amazingly. We took today to clear out the van properly as we hadn't cleaned it in four tours! So needless to say it was getting pretty nasty in there but now its as clean as an operating theatre, well, it was as clean as an operating theatre, business as usual again now!

On tuesday ASIWYFA had there very first foray into Wales. Cardiff, to be precise, so we were a little nervous about what the turnout would be like but the awesome people of Wales didn't let us down and turned out en force. I did a phone interview with Mr Zane Lowe and we are totally stoked at the backing he has been given us the past few weeks. The Gig was a blast, we'll definitely back in Cardiff and Wales soon, next month in fact!

Last night (phew, nearly up to date!) we were in London for our Camden Barfly show, and we'd be lying if we said we hadn't been looking forward to this one.Our last two London shows have been among our favourites, so we were salivating about another. Salivating isn't an exaggeration either, it was fucking roasting! The turnout was immense and so was the support bill, Sharks, Swound and The X-Certs were all amazing and really cool people. Afterwards our great friend and hero of ours Kiri took us to an Art Gallery afterhours for some drinks and banter. I took this opportunity to practice my breakdancing skills which, I'm sure, Rory, Chris and Johnny will all agree are questionable at best. Great night all round.

Thats us up to speed then! Again apologies about the lack of online activity. Tonight we're at Fibbers in York, the penultimate gig of the tour, we're all a little gutted as we're not used to such short tours, but fuck it, there's plenty more gigs coming up and most importantly...WE'VE GOT ONE TONIGHT! YEEEOOO!

Over and Out.


PS: if you ordered one of the album bundle deals over the easter weekend, it's currently winging it's way to you. Enjoy!

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