Wednesday, 30 March 2011

LaFaro down piss alley!

RTE2fm's Jenny Houston caught up with the LaFaro boys outside Latitude 30, Austin.

This is the awesome LaFaro screen print designed by yourawesomehorse. You can get your hands on it and many more sick posters here

"Chugga chugga without all of the drama and theatrics"

Lafaro return home to 'rainy grey' Belfast after 'killing it' (psssssst that American for doing really well every day)

Check these words by Stephen Carridini for OKSee...

"Heavy metal act Lafaro changed the mood significantly, throwing down some very impressive old-school metal. Fittingly, one of the guitarists was wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt. If you like the chugga chugga without all of the drama and theatrics that have been attached to metal as of late, you'll like Lafaro."

Monday, 21 March 2011

Skibunny share some DJ set news...

A few DJ dates for your diaries from SKIBUNNY

FRI 18th MARCH - EDINBURGH - WOLF PARTY @ The Store, Guthrie Street. LINK

THURS 24th & 31st MARCH - EDINBURGH - SICK NOTE @ Cabaret Voltaire, Blair Street. LINK

SUN 27th MARCH - EDINBURGH - COALITION @ Sneaky Pete’s, The Cowgate


"The Belfast date follows the screening of the AMAZING documentary UPSIDE DOWN: The Creation Records Story, at the Belfast Film Festival. You can buy tickets for the film screening HERE. The film was made by our very good friends DOCUMENT PRODUCTIONS, and in fact Tanya was the production accountant on the film (day job, yo!) and we are really happy to be DJing once again alongside the legend that is Alan McGee."


Sunday, 13 March 2011

SXSWi Notes - Guy Kawasaki

I thought this talk was really interesting for anyone involved in putting out records, it was pitched at a tech audience, but I think we can apply it to what we all try and do everyday when we're pitching to radio, press and to new bands. Here are the main notes out of an hour talk. You can find out more about Guy Kawasaki here - it's not too self-helpy - so don't worry.

Do not enchant the CxO
• The people who you need to speak with and impress are at a lower level in organisations you want to work with
• Don't waste time trying to enchant the boss
• At a lower organisational level these are the guys that actually do the work

Great enchanters know who to speak and pitch
• Customise your introduction -
• Sell your dream 'there's an app for that'
• 10 slides | 20 minutes | 30pt font size

Provide Value
• Information, insights and assistance when using social media tools - we do not care about what you have for lunch.
• Great Engagement: BE FAST to MANY and OFTEN
• You have no idea about who is going to make your service tip it might be LonelyBoy15 - everyone has value in the social media sphere
• There is a misconception that once you've done everything you can kick back and relax and spark up twitter - it need to be constant.

Enchant Up
• Drop everything else when your boss asks you to do something - if you think this is not optimal - it's because you don't know your bosses reality.
• Prototype fast - when you're asked to do something, don't wait until it's perfect - show your boss what you're working on. Am I on the right page here? Higher probability that you will deliver the right thing.
• Deliver Bad news early - never surprise your boss bad news and always deliver it with solutions

Enchant Down - Provide a MAP for your colleagues
• Mastery - you will understand these new things/you're going to improve your skill set here
• Autonomy - we are not going to micro-manage you)
• Purpose - working autonomously for a higher purpose.

Empower Action in Your Colleagues
• I trust you
• I think you're smart
• Do what it takes to get the job done

Suck It Up
• Never ask someone to do something you would not do.

Monday, 7 March 2011

LaFaro on Limeblog

With SXSW just around the corner, Lafaro are today's featured artist on Limeblog. Click to be telemagically transported to Limeblog to read all about it!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Cargo Collective March 2011

STA recommend -

Bearsuit - The Phantom Forest
Fortuna Pop! LP / CD
Bearsuit return with an off-the-wall pop masterpiece and a fierce new sound incorporating dirty synths, urgent guitars and infectious beats. Produced by Gareth Parton (The Go! Team, Breeders, Foals).

Alright The Captain - Snib
Field Records CD
Alright The Captain take a shared love for bands like Hella, Holy Fuck and Primus come out bursting out with a chaotic and frantic sound.

The Rock Of Travolta - Fine Lines
Big Red Sky CD
Oxford Post-Rock originators The Rock Of Travolta return with the blistering and beautifully-crafted, ‘Fine Lines’; a perfect equilibrium of power and fragility, motion and melody

Thursday, 3 March 2011

4 Or 5 Magicians Last Ever Gig Poster

Austin... Let us introduce LaFaro.

What do you get if you mix a hip, sunny city on the edge of the American Southwest with enough guitar, bass and drum riffage that could re-sink a certain 'Unsinkable' vessel?

LaFaro at SXSW of course...

16 Mar *Day Show* Convention Centre - Flatpack @ 14:00 - 14:40
17 Mar *Belfast Rocks* Lattitude 30 @ 14:00 - 17:00
17 Mar *Hole In The Wall Club* 2538 Guadalupe St 18:00 - 18:30
18 Mar *Full Irish Breakfast* BD Reilys 16:00 - 16:20
19 Mar *SXSW Official* 512 Rooftop 22:00 to 22:40

Belfast Rocks @ SXSW

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Andrew chats all things STA with Rocksound.

If your out and about today, make sure to throw a copy of Rocksound Magazine in the basket with your loaf.

Top Ten Stupid Things Said In Studio STA 2010

To celebrate our little recording studio being one year old today - we thought we'd raid the archives and list the top ten stupidest things said within these four walls over the last twelve months. All of these are actual, factual real idiocy expressed by the artists themselves.

1. "Who is Steve Albini?" - Niall Axis Of
2. "That Microphone Looks Like A Robot's Dick" - Ewen Axis Of
3. "Who is Henry Rollins?" - Enda General Fiasco
4. "February 29th will come round quick lads" - Owen General Fiasco
5. "This Is A Big Tune I Limavady Sir!" - Shaggy Furlo (speaking about one of his own songs)
6. "Is There Anything More Sugary Than Sugar?" - Emilio Illness
7. "I Never Go Out of Tune" - Johnny And So I Watch You From Afar
8. "I'd Shag Cher!" - Carl Event Horses
9. "Plan B's A Wanker, I'm Affable As Fuck!" - Wileman
10. "If You Cant Trust Your Limo Driver Who Can You Trust?"- Chris STA

Extra Bonus from 2011

11."Here I Am Skinning Up on A Sleater Kinney Vinyl - How Indie Am I?" -
Charlie Desert Hearts