Tuesday, 17 March 2009

US Trip - Diary 1

I've been in New York since Sunday and been glad of these few days to acclimatise pre-SXSW; last year the jet-lag was rockin well into the third day. The reason for the trip is mainly to attend AIM's Mission To America - which is a trade mission for indies to come and pick up business. Yesterday we had a live touring masterclass and an online publicity masterclass; the main people to check out I reckon are ArjanWrites.com and Ariel Publicity both of which gave powerpoints that I'll write and see if I can get for you guys to post here.

After this we went to the British Embassy for drinks, which was quite posh - me on the balcony there >>

My mate Alexi just got offered a new contract at work - so he's buying himself a jazzmutant lemur - hooray! When did making music get so fun - what about the ten hours a day freezing your balls off in a practise room in pump street.

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