Friday, 20 March 2009

The Grand Slam

Tomorrow is a big day for Ireland. If Ireland's rugby team beat Wales tomorrow, it will secure the Six nations Championship and in the process Ireland's first Grand Slam (clean sweep of victories) since 1948.

It's one of those rare occasions when everyone on the Island, North and South, can unite behind a team without any religious or political nonsense getting in the way.

For those of us not at SXSW, we're having a massive party to watch the game tomorrow, and we have an incentive for you all to get involved and root for the Boys in Green as well.

If Ireland get the job done, by DEFEATING Wales and securing the Grand Slam, we're gonna have a half-price sale from Sunday through to Tuesday. Everything in the store from STA001 (Jetplane Landing - Zero For Conduct) up to and including STA50 (We Versus The Shark - Dirty Versions) will be half price.

So starting making your wish lists and sending over good vibes to the Green half of The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

C'mon Ireland!


Sian said...

I like this idea. Mon Ireand!

Sian said...

erm...if I could spell Ireland it would help...