Sunday, 22 March 2009

SXSW Update - Days 3 & 4

Battling toothache has been a theme of my SXSW this year. Literally, the most pain I have ever experienced was last night at 1AM where if someone had a handy chisel and hammer, I would have gladly let them knock it out. No amount of whiskey would shake the thing - damn it, the only distraction was all the incredible music on display.

Still today is my BIRTHDAY - happy birthday me. I can't remember exactly what happened on Day Three - apart from the fact we saw Japanther at Mrs Bea's and it was entirely off the chain. The kids were ripping the shit out of the veranda that they played on. Todd P is the man responsible for putting the programme at Mrs Beas together. A bit of a cult hero in his own right, Showpaper promotes all ages DIY shows in the NYC and tri-state area. The SXSW issue had a red on white Raymond Pettibon pen and ink - and it is gorgeous. Daniel said he would scan it on his return.

The satellite activity around SXSW this year is as strong as the programme itself - okay, so the sound isn't necessarily as good as it could be but when you have lineups as good as this (click to make big) it's totally worth coming here without a delegation pass and seeing all the bands play for free.
Yesterday we went to Waterloo Park for most of the day to another unofficial SX gig, free and all ages (you only get ID'd if you want to drink) - and saw The Bronx, Crystal Antlers, Thermals, Jason Lyttle, Monotonix and Cursive. Do you know what I mean>?! How fucking lethal is that for free. The Bronx were at the top of their game, brilliant - loved them.

The toothache won out at about 1AM and I had to bail out, I missed MSTRKRFT and the police on horseback riot - but do you know what, it doesn't really matter - this year's SXSW was for me about sorting out where we're going with the label, reassurance about the things that we are doing being really, really good and being inspired by some incredible musicians (particulary The Paper Chase) to create more and be braver about music I write.

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