Monday, 2 March 2009

Nouvelle presse au sujet des Calories

Calories chime in with some recent press goings-on -

"This is a preview of of an interview we did for Spiel


It was conducted by Kristian and Patrick, two charming young men who are both classicly trained musicians and closet hard rockers; this will be the first edition of Spiel so get involved, they're looking for contributions of any kind artists/writers/photographers/bands etc etc. Kristian tells me there are a few more pages to be added.

Physical copies will be in Swordfish Records, Urban Outfitters, HMV and venues around Birmingham. If you don't live in Birmingham I'm sure if you ask them nicely enough they'll send you a scan/copy.

Merci to Vanessa (Perfume-Vee) for pointing out this article from France at Sound Of Violence; I had to translate it with Babelfish if anyone fancies translating it more accurately we'd be forever in your debt.

I've also done a recipe for the Artrocker blog but no news yet as to when that'll see the light of day.

Love and respect.
Pdog aka Scotch Dixon and all the Kals Krew"

As a zine hack in a previous life, Spiel looks very impressive - please take a look at what the lads there are doing. And hello to Fab and the crew at SoV who are long time friends of STA from way back in the early PSB days.

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