Saturday, 21 March 2009

Rock Sound #121

The April issue of Rock Sound magazine (with 30 Seconds To Mars on the cover) is packed with And So I Watch You From Afar goodness - a 2 page feature (which will be posted online later), the 8/10 album review below and grabbing pole position on the covermount CD with the epic A Little Bit Of Solidarity ahead of tracks from STA chums the Tupolev Ghost and the Thermals plus new Mono and Therapy?

Just when you thought you couldn't give a fig for yet more instrumental post-rock, along come these upstarts to clout you upside the head for taking your eye of the ball. Kissing cousins To Monument From Masses, ASIWYFA deal in a similar type of dynamic crashes, danceable rhythms and Dave Knudson guitar squiggle, even giving their songs similarly state-smashing titles to again raise the question of just how political you can really be while barely uttering a word. True to form, the band occasionally lose themselves amidst untold minutes of panoramic fartarsery, but there's always a tubby fucker of a riff lurking on the horizon to ensure things come back to like with another reassuring thunk.
For fans of: From Monument To Masses, Pelican, Russian Circles

Both ASIWYFA's double A side single and the album itself accompanied by an exclsuive bonus disc of unreleased material can be purchased now from the STA store.

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