Thursday, 12 March 2009

Ul-STA Hall Reopens: Good Excuse To Get Hands In The Air

STA assisted with the re-launch of the Ulster Hall this week in Belfast, with loads of our acts performing across two stages. Clone Quartet, Fighting With Wire, And So I Watch You From Afar and even me... (pictured) made an appearance.

I got an excited email from one of the concert organisers this morning - "Its worth mentioning that when a venue gets £8.5 million put into it some people in Council might think that the room should be kept for classical music and conferences. The effects of Monday will be felt right across the city whether people realise or not. Some very powerful people sat up and went 'Holy Shit!' (I'm paraphrasing btw), and everyone of you were vital to making that happen."

Listen Again To The Whole Show

Fighting With Wire's Media Training seems to be working.

Full photostream here from the BBC

Thanks to Wally for providing the percussion for JPL and to Tony ASI... for providing the vocals in the middle bit to 'Know Your Enemy'. Gotta end this post with the masters... a finger to the land of the chains!

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