Friday, 20 March 2009

SXSW Update - Days 1 & 2

Vivian Girls, Fighting With Wire, Ladyhawke, Boys Noize, Lovvers, Tara Jane O'Neill, Danana, Twelves & Decemberists on the first night.

Tiger City, Ungdomskulen, Efterklang, Rye Rye, Golden Filter, Little Boots and Data Rock last night.

SXSW hasn't disappointed me at all this year, it's still got the same atmosphere, inclusiveness and excitement. You could argue that there isn't an MGMT for 2009 - Passion Pit only have the one 'big tune' and LadyHawke is great but not an act of the same proportion. In the grand scheme of things that doesn't really matter - this is a fantastic year for music.

I wonder why a band as good as Danana.. won't sell tens of thousands of records - IMO the best British band here this week. One would think that to repackage all that's best about alt-90s-american indie, turning it up to 11 and LOVING what they do would be enough. Sadly, I think it's just too far ahead of the game. Not that they give a shit - they're here and they rock every room like it's their last.

Parental pride is being felt for the FWW lot - they're nailing every gig they're doing - it's a big year for them as they begin working in the US; they're off to an amazing start.

I absolutely LOVED Tiger City last night - Hall & Oates liquid soul played by four very unlikely Brooklynites (pictured). Check out their myspace.

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