Thursday, 31 January 2008

"It was the first two weeks of autumn; I kissed you on the cheek and gave you flowers out of season"

It's been on the horizon for a while now, but I've finally gone and done it: I've crossed over to the Twee Side. There's little ahead in my life except for Sarah Records reissues, girls who work in libraries, the Rough Trade Shops Indiepop compilation, and merry skips through blustery autumn landscapes. Eh, so it goes.

The upside to all this is that it gives me the perfect excuse to listen to The Deirdres. I saw them live last night, first on at at a Spiral Scratch night at the charmingly-delapidated Enterprise in Chalk Farm, and pretty much lay waste to the entire room using only handclaps, glockenspiel, sparkly capes and co-ordinated shouting. Imagine Los Campesinos! if they were five years younger, played everything faster and backwards and didn't rehearse very much. Their set was the best thing I've seen in AGES. There's also the paradox that if they were twice as good at being a Proper Band they'd be half as good at being the band they are. And the band they are is ACE.

Here are some stupid videos for you to watch. The first one is of them on the Antiques Roadshow. With Michael Aspall and everything. Really.

COMING TO AN STA EVENT NEAR YOU, SOON. I'm going to bug them until they say yes.


dunc said...

I almost cried with happiness the first time I saw The Dierdres at the Indietracks Christmas shindig. It is my dream that in the future, every blog will feature a gushing review of them.

Also: great blog!

Also also: are you the same Daniel who camped with all the JPL message board people at Truck two years ago? The one who said B'oh! a lot? Hello again if you are. Sorry for pestering you if you're not.

daniel! said...

sure am. hello!