Friday, 11 January 2008

Hooray For Humans

I have been boring friends about this band for quite a while now - now it's your turn. Hooray For Humans are a Corkonian boygirl-epic-pop trio. They used to be four, but lost someone along the way - was he mental?! Quite possibly.

Comparisons could be drawn with The Anniversary or the sunny side of Jimmy Eat World (see album opener 'Signature' as evidence of the former); they're the aural eqivalent of eating a summer Sunday ice-cream cone whilst dangling your feet from a fishing boat into the Irish Sea. They probably wouldn't thank me for that description - but it's quarter to seven at night and I have to get the DLR to Lewisham in a minute, so there you go.

These guys are brilliant - and Golden Ears Ash Pocock thinks so too, and he works for Disney so he knows about these things.

Their album Safekeeping is out on Limerick's super reliable Out On A Limb Records and have a seven coming out on new DIY label Hideaway. It got 7/10 in Hot Press and was worthy of four marks more. Here be the Irish tour dates:

28th Feb: ClubHeadBangBang, Tralee
29th Feb: Be Burgo's, Galway
1st March: Lavery's, Beflast
7th March: Baker's, Limerick
8th March: Underground, Carlow
14th March: Cypress Avenue, Cork
15th March: Whelan's, Dublin

The most-exciting part (for me) is that they're planning a UK tour with Super Tennis (Faux Discx) March 22nd to 30th - those dates aren't on the myspace yet; but hopefully they will exist soon. Super Tennis are Exeter based ex-Skiptracer Emo types that are also very, very good indeed. These will be good shows to go - tape Eastenders.

Aren't they pretty? Good beard too on that lad...

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