Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Indiep♥p Until I Dr♥p!

As some of you might know, I spend a fair chunk of time on the Drowned In Sound message boards - what can I say, they help pass the time at work far better than staring forlornly out my window at the grey concrete of Camden Town does. One of the things that seem to pop up fairly regularly is hardcore fans of an artist registering accounts specifically to reply to bad reviews of their chosen artist, and to tell the reviwer hoo "wrong" they are. often using bad words. Such an event happened today, and while far from the worst example (go look up any review/news item about the Red Hot Chili Peppers, f'rexample), it's kinda caught me on a bad day and so irritated me far more than it should have.

Seriously, kids, what effect does yelling aimlessly into cyberspace actually achieve? A review is one person's opinion, no more, no less. Rather than telling me why this reviewer's opinion is OMG SO WRONG AND AN THE REVIEWER IS AN IDIOT and whatever, why don't you tell me why you like the music in question? Start a blog, write a fanzine, why not even use Drowned In Sound's user reviews feature? Of course, I'm sure this is something we've all been guilty of in the past (remember the NME's review of There Is No Real Courage Unless There Is Real Danger?) but really, it's never been easier to get a well-constructed opinion heard.

Yes yes, I'm aware that I'm moaning about people moaning.

Anyway, onto something far more fun!

I've always been a sucker for cottage-industry labour-of-love indie pop labels, the kind who hand make each CDR and send you free stickers and have cutesy websites and suchlike. So when I stumbled upon WeePOP! Records last weekend it came as no surprise to find myself on autopilot and spending money on their releases. They turned up yesterday, and I'm really glad I did. Check this out:

(click on photos to make them larger!)

first of all, you get a stickered envelope...

... open it up, and there's a little case! with cute pictures! also, check out my Azure Ray coaster - how indie am I?

and on the inside - a hand-stamped three-inch CD and a handmade book with cute more pictures!

I've also got extra respect for how beautiful these are, as I've spent the last four hours making promotional copies of the new Fighting With Wire album and it's reaaaaaaaaaally not a fun activity.

please don't judge me by the cleanliness of my floor

So it goes! Seriously though, these WeePOP! releases are probably the prettiest CDs I've ever bought. You should all go give them money. Tell them STA sent you! It'll confuse them.

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