Friday, 25 January 2008

YouTubery Greatness With A Musical Theme

Firstly, an apology to Daniel for waking him up on his day off at 8:10am. I feel exonerated by the fact that my day begins at 5:30am at the moment, as young Milo Ferris has decided that it's party time when the sun breaks. He might grow up to be a druid.

Sleeping much better this week are previous STA blog starlets Danananananananakroyd - who after a single stealthy post on DiS find themselves at the centre of a mini-major bidding war. Canny and well deserved. This year's festival hit I feel.

Onto today's post. My mate Neal is officially the most tangential person I know; I always take my notebook with me everytime we go out drinking as he is generally good for song titles 'We Need To Effect A Change' being a good case in point. The picture was taken at AD3 - where he worked the stage with Birdlegs & Cundall. Cheap labour (read 'free') that's the STA way. Isn't it Daniel? erm... yeah.

As well as being a valued STA volunteer he's also addicted to YouTube (he's a recovering WOW addict you see, one replaces the other) - it's a wonderful archivist fascination, fueled by half-remembered childhood VHS duplication and encyclopedic retention for musical detail. He and Simon Sweeping could go head to head in 'Indie Mastermind' (now there's a TV programme that should never be made.)

Here are some notes from our last session - our drinking was proceeded by my falling 'into' the road at Blackheath Common and almost getting run over by an oncoming Mini Metro. Just Say No! Kids.
We've got loads of other Favourites on the STA YouTube Channel. Mr. Burchell is often good for turning up the funk gold. There's a great Chaka Kahn clip on there at the moment.

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