Monday, 28 January 2008

Skibunny Debut Single

The Belfast institution that is Skibunny are finally treating us with a physical embodiment of their legendary club night.

"Good times, good music, good vibe. If it’s good, it goes on is the philosophy, and we’ll all have a good time. The whole place tonight has an end of the world and we don’t care vibe. If that is the case, then we’ve found our DJs"

Available as 7inch vinyl and download title track 'Aah Ooh' has a sumptuous depth that belies it's simplistic title. Tender vocals and lo-fi electronica with a deliciously understated break-beat. Sounds like Laetitia Sadler left alone in a room for an evening with Cubase and a two bottles of vin rouge. Simply gorgeous.

b. AAH OOH - Handsomeboy Technique remix

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