Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Kick Out The Jams/Everyone Needs A Heineken

It's 11 o'clock your time but 6AM in New York Fucking City from which I write. What a mental week it's been and it's all Zane Lowe's Fault. I was quite pleased with myself being able to work out how to crack the hotel mail server. Daniel and I even worked out how to instant message each other last night. Technology? Us? Indeed!

I'm here with Fighting With Wire - who are currently sleeping (I hope) and are possibly struggling to come to terms with the $9 bottles of Heineken they bought last night in the hotel bar. You can put a deposit down on a two bedroom flat in Derry for that.

News of KOTJ's vodcast arrives on my laptop screen and is really quite exciting - allow me to share. This is a music show broadcast on a community television station in Belfast and then redistributed via the web. They are teamed up with AU magazine and have done loads of our bands and others like Rumble Strips (pictured), The Young Knives and Therapy? In fact if you dig around on Google Video (or follow that link I've just given you) there is a particularly awkward interview with Cahir from aforementioned FWW - bless.

Biffy Clyro (have you heard of them?) recorded an acoustic session last Christmas for the show and it's available for three weeks from 5th February - after this you can watch And So I Watch You From Afar - Ireland's post-rock contenders - from February 12th.

This is a lovely community spirited venture run by real music lovers, the production value and the care put into the editing makes this a great way to discover music from Ireland and uncover little rarities by international artists. Okay, I'm off to eat some pancakes! Go me!

Vodcast Link | Feed Me, Feed Me Now | Myspace | AU Official | NvTV

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goatboy said...

America, eh?

I'm so hoping that all these rumours I am hearing are actually true!

Best of luck.