Thursday, 17 January 2008

Underground Party Broadcasting

Public Service Broadcast Club Number One - was a great success I thought. Gone the decapitated chicken madness of previous PSB shows; replaced by effortless stage management and wonderful sound provided by the able hands at RoTa.

Pocock and I got locked out of the show ten minutes before it was meant to begin but this aside everything was smooth.

It always goes without saying it still needs to be said - THANKS - to Pocketbooks, Alan MX and Q Without U for making their respective journeys. Alan said to me after his set 'I felt like vomiting with nerves' - poor love.

We also met up with Rege from The Underground Party Broadcast, what a nice chap - and what a great idea. Think if you will a DIY version of Jools Holland - minus the honkey tonk. Episode One is fully available via their site or youtube. For now, a snippet of the one and only Babar Luck: "And this is long before the use of SPELL Check! I am strictly Old Skool!"

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