Thursday, 10 January 2008

Darren 'Wiz' Brown Charity CD Release - Ipanema

Syndicated From Boss Tuneage

The unexpected and tragic death of Darren “Wiz” Brown on 6th Dec 2006 was a shock to many people. He was a greatly respected and extraordinary musician and writer who touched the lives of many through his work with MEGA CITY FOUR, DOUGHBOYS, SERPICO and most recently IPANEMA.

UK label Boss Tuneage had been releasing records by Wiz’s bands over the previous six years and had built up not only a great working relationship but also a great friendship with IPANEMA.

The question was – how best to honour Wiz? The only answer could be through his music.

So throughout 2007 Boss Tuneage has been working with Wiz’s partner Karina and his IPANEMA band mates Lawrence and Rauf on a self-titled IPANEMA CD. Gathering up the newly demo’d tracks for Ipanema’s envisaged album, the boys once again returned to the recording studio to complete the Ipanema story, the way Wiz wanted to start it.

The result is a magnificent 17 track CD, containing these 9 unreleased recordings plus the out of print “Baseball Bat/Skull” 7” from 2003 and the “Me Me Me” mini album from 2005. Everything that IPANEMA recorded.

All monies raised by the sale of this CD are being donated by Boss Tuneage directly to the Forward 4 Wiz Trust. The Forward 4 Wiz Trust is a charity set up by Wiz’s partner Karina Fraser. Drawing on the inspiration he gave to others through his music and his humanitarian, compassionate and creative outlook on life and his work, F4WT intends to help out talented bands and musicians with advice and some small financial assistance for all the little, and some bigger, things that often get ignored. Creativity matters. Inspiration matters. Music matters. More information on the trust can be found at their myspace.

In order to raise as much money as possible for the Trust, the CD is only available via mailorder, and is set for release on January 18th 2008 – which is Wiz’s birthday.

The CD can be purchased through the Boss Tuneage website for £10 Postpaid (UK), £11 postpaid (Europe) and £11.50 postpaid (Rest of the world) or by post in the UK by sending name , address and a cheque or postal order to Boss Tuneage, PO Box 74, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2WB.

In Germany the CD is also available courtesy of Boss Tuneage Germany/Rookie Records exclusively through Flight 13 mailorder.

In France the CD is available through Dumb Inc.

And in Japan the CD is available through Waterslide Records/Boss Tuneage Tokyo.

“This is not the end, but you are very close… …this is not goodbye, those words won’t pass my lips”
'Defeat of Echoes' - Ipanema

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