Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Spectator UK Tour - Nepotism Alert!

So I've got a brother that plays in a band as well - we'll leave the fact that he used to play a six-string Yamaha bass to one side (Limp Bizkit were BIG NEWS in Derry I'll tell ye). Anyway his name is Ivor and the band are called Spectator.

But here's the thing, they're actually really good; Helmet/Rollins Band - check; intelligent vocals and shit-hot drumming - check! They've done loads of shows in Ireland (playing with FWW, And So I Watch You From Afar and newest Kerrang! Dahlings In Case Of Fire) and they've released 3 EPs on their own label SO Recordings.

“a refreshingly old school guitar band who play aggressive yet melodic hardcore...” Alternative Ulster Magazine

AND they're going on tour in January - SO here be the dates:

12 Jan - Mason’s, Derry
13 Jan - Lavery’s Bunker, Belfast
17 Jan - The Tunnels, Aberdeen
18 Jan - Corinna Hotel, Perth
25 Jan - The Dry Bar, London
27 Jan - Queen Charlotte, Norwich
28 Jan - The 13th Note, Glasgow

The London date coincides with my works Christmas Do (work that one out campers?) - but I'm rejecting the promise of free alcohol and liberal backstabbing in favour of some straight up DIYXDERRYHC. If you happen to be free, please support the Ferris Family and check out some Sepectator in January. All dates are with Temper Calm who have a record coming out entitled 'True Novella'.

This post was not made under duress from my mother.

The Myspacae: Spectator | Tempercalm

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