Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Yes Way

I'm a well-known fan of hyperbole, but if believe me when I say that Upset The Rhythm are the best promoters in London. They push interesting music, release great records and put together consistently fun bills. I don't go to nearly enough of their shows, partly because I'm lazy and partly because THEY ALWAYS RUN LATE and nobody wants to be caught trying to get home from Bardens at midnight on a weeknight if you live somewhere other outside the People's Republic of Hackney. But that's a minor quibble, especially as over the past few years they've exposed my ears to Ponytail, YACHT, Numbers, Gentle Friendly, Parenthetical Girls, High Places... the list goes on.

Now they're running a festival on the weekend of March 28/29 - "hooray", says I, as I steal the following from their website:

"YES WAY is a two day festival celebrating the best and brightest of the UK's art and music underground.

The event is a collaboration between London-based promoter and label, Upset The Rhythm, and Auto-Italia - an artists' project space, currently residing in a former car showroom in Peckham.

Over the course of the weekend, 32 acts will perform from noon until midnight each day. There'll also be an array of artists' work on show (details coming soon), a temporary record store and no end of food and drink from independent, local producers.

It's also super cheap - £8 for the weekend, £5 for a day Check out their website or facebook or Last FM for more details. See you there?

Also, if you're not ATPing the weekend of May 9th, check out their Black Dice show in Tufnell Park - I saw them last October and they were so loud my stomach was vibrating. Nice.

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