Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Occasionally things happen that bring a little tear to my post-emo eye; sincerely though - it's touching when someone thinks enough of your stuff to ink it on their body. 'Small Differences Combine And Propel' is from Jetplane's Brave Gravity fact checkers.

I heard that someone in Belfast got 'FWW' tattooed on their knuckles in the Foo Fighters font; your writer has no public opinion on that matter.

I can't take credit for this particular couplet - I think this is a Mr. Burchellism. I remember when I first saw the video for Brave Gravity that Raife and Gary made - it was class, I couldn't believe all those people put all that effort into it.

I've never had a tattoo - if I did it would be of my own face printed on my chest. Maybe. Good Night.

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