Friday, 27 February 2009


It's Friday night, and I'm sitting at home so I can save money to spend at SXSW. FUN TIMES. On the plus side, I'm listening to an almost-finished version of the new Young Playthings album for the first time (if you want a sneak preview, check out the This Ain't No Picnic compilation, as 'Y Don't U Like Me' reappears here), so that's pretty nice.

Also, new Future of the Left video!

Where did Falco's hair go?!?


Anonymous said...

Daniel, obviously not confident about who he is. Feeling a little inadequate he plays the big shot and tells people he owns a record label and tries the big promoter rip off's.
Get a life oink, there are decent people in the music industry, then there are people like you who make the rest look bad!

daniel said...

the big promoter rip off's what?

(yay, anonymous abuse on the internet!)