Monday, 2 February 2009

Fighting With Wire Tour Diary

Fighting With Wire are once again taking on the UK one city at a time and will be documenting thier audio-visual misadventures. Here's the first installment.


Hey everyone!

That moment you have all be waiting for... or dreading has arrived, FWW have a camera and know how to use it!

We will be putting a tour diary up on the blog as often as possible so you can all keep up to date and enjoy the company of 3 pale Irishmen!

So, whether you want to keep up to date, get to know FWW a little better, or are a voyeur who is just hoping for a sneaky glimpse of a nipple here and there, this is definitely for you!

Welcome to PART 1 featuring Jamie looking massively confused by the camera...links to further episodes appear at the end

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