Saturday, 7 February 2009

Count The Calories

Not one, not two, but three doses of Calories in this month's Rock Sound magazine - a live review, a feature (see below) and best of all Forrests Of Varg the closing track to the upcoming debut album can be found on the ace covermount CD.

From Distophia to Antlers to Calories, this trio are finally releasing an album, hurrah!

"For me, I guess my ambitions are the same as they've always been: to release records and hope that people are into what we do," says Calories guitarist / vocalist John Briggs. "Ultimately, fame and fortune is the real reason I'm in this business. I'd like a mountain retreat in the Swiss Alps." Given the uncertain nature of the music industry and the economic shit storm in which we are currently embroiled, fame and fortune will probably be giving most bands a miss for some time - but you wouldn't begrudge these Birmingham indie-rockers enjoying such success. Formed from the ashes of under-appreciated but often-aped quartet Distophia, they've endured some rotten luck. After five years together, the boys decided to ditch their former band in late 07, having toured the frustratingly unreleased album 'Beat Dyslexia' for about two years too many, but what doesn't kill ya...

"I think we learned a lot from our time in Distophia, we made almost every mistake possible and had almost every misfortune befall us, but we had a lot of fun at the same time," says bassist / vocalist Pete Dixon. "I think I've learnt that if you behave like you're the underdog, then that's what you'll be. Life's too short." After a brief time playing under a new name (Antlers) and with a new bassist, the boys called the whole thing off. Fortunately, thier passion for playing music meant it wasn't long before they'd regrouped as a trio, to write and record ace debut album 'Adventuring', which features 10 genius songs played out in 20 minutes. Check it out - even in these hard times, you can't afford not to.

Souns like: inventive but frequently poppy indie-rock, veering between sub-two-minutes bursts and longer, equally ace songs

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