Friday, 28 August 2009

Public Service Blogcast Episode 50

The musical event of the Bank Holiday weekend is of course This Ain't No Picnic Derry - 10 acts including The Dangerfields, Panama Kings, LaFaro, Black Bear Saloon and - with offers of suitcases of Mean Fiddler money falling on deaf ears - now headlined by what I'm going to call Fighting With Ferris as Andrew Ferris takes to the stage with Fighting With Wire for a full live set of Jetplane Landing classics and over-ambitious covers for just £8 at St Columb's Hall. Andrew and Fighting With Wire's Cahir O'Doherty took time out from the TANP'D propaganda whirlwind of interviews and PR to showcase some of the bands playing on Saturday and also rocking the STA office with 2 exclusive acoustic Backlash Cop favourites.

Public Service Blogcast Episode 50
26 minutes 9 seconds
Recorded 27/08/09
00.26 Spectator - On Deaf Ears
04.31 LaFaro - Tuppeny Nudger (from self-titled EP - Field Records)
09.25 Black Bear Saloon - First Against The Wall (from forthcoming debut album)
14.54 Stereo War Favourites - Sleeping Rooms
20.58 Andrew Ferris/Cahir O'Doherty - Sam Cooke (live acoustic version)
23.17 Andrew Ferris/Cahir O'Doherty - Song For Sonia Sanchez (live acoustic version)

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