Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Northern Ireland Music Industry Meetup, September 15th

From Nick@ Penny Distribution:

A summer break does everyone some good - and the NIMIM is no different. June's meetup kicked boo-tay (more details on what went down here) and now we're back with a vengeance - September's meetup will consist of, as usual: 30 minutes of focused discussion on a distinct subject, then 2 hours to say hi to a stranger. Don't be shy now.

Wed., Sept. 15th at Lavery's in Belfast - 6-9pm.

This month we'll chat about:

FREE: It's the new black. Despite the use of free as a music tool for YEARS before the MP3, FREE has taken on a whole new lease of life on the internet, and it isn't going away. Why should you give away your music for free? How can you take advantage of free MP3s or online giveaways to grow your reach and fanbase? How do you make some money by giving away stuff for free? And before you just give everything away, what factors should you consider to really help your band or music business benefit from FREE? We'll have a few special guests to announce for this one so save the date!


UnConvention Swansea:

UnConvention rolls on with the 3rd UnCon of 2009, this time in the Welsh town of Swansea on Sept. 4, 5 & 6. Happy to see the UnConvention train roll through another station, check out all the amazing events lined up for the weekend over at www.unconventionswansea.com

2010 looks like another busy year for UnConvention - Gronnigen (Netherlands), Brisbane, New Delhi and Chicago are all set to host an UnConvention. Should we have another Irish one? Would you go to it? Answers on a postcard (or, like, an email).

This is the UnConvention Belfast & NIMIM Mailing List - If You Want Offa This Train Ride, Reply with UnSubscribe in the body or subject of an email. Mwa.

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