Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Public Service Blogcast Episode 48

Public Service Blogcast Episode 48
31 minutes 56 seconds
Recorded 18/08/09
00.01 Battle For Paris - Baby, You Are My Ammunition Dump (from With A Gun Between Your Teeth, You Speak Only In Vowels EP)
04.16 We're Only Afraid Of NYC - Superpop Allstars.....GO!! (from self-titled EP)
06.43 We Love Turbulence - F.Y.J.K.
11.57 Swimmers - It's Time They Knew (from Fighting Trees album - Mad Dragon Records)
15.45 Sky Lark - Colossus_The_Bear
18.56 Hold Your Horse Is - Christopher Walken (from Everyone Runs Faster With a Knife EP - self-released)
22.04 World Before Wireless - Ask (from Transistor:Resistor EP - self-released)
25.22 The Black Alley Screens - Class A Anecdote (from Mark Freeguard recordings)
28.19 The Bear - Our Peg Your Peg (from forthcoming debut album The Bear Vs The Computer)

If you have any suggestions for future takeovers or want to get a track played on a regular show, get in touch - email blogcast@smalltownamerica.co.uk

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world before wireless said...

thanks for the play ash! if anybody is interested, we're playing at the Windmill in Brixton this saturday the 22nd august. cheers!