Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Calories Online Car Boot Sale Part 1

Getting into the Bank Holiday spirit, Calories have opened the boot and have some fine musical wares on sale if any readers are in the market for guitar and amps. Over to Honest Pete for the patter...

Any of you that know me well enough will know that I really like talking about equipment and being a nerd generally, so this is a bit of a sad time for me, I've decided to let some of my equipment go, I'm selling all this stuff to buy a new bass that will hopefully fill the void left behing from this purging.

If you're interested in buying any of this stuff send us a message or a comment and we'll talk, I can put the item up on our BIG CARTEL page so you could have it in your mitts by the next day. Incase you don't know ono = or nearest offer.


FENDER TELECASTER (with soft case) £150 (ono)

FOR SALE: Mexican Fender Telecaster Serial Number: MN624710
It's a 1996 model, I've had it since I was at school so obviously there's a few dings and a wear mark at the top, I think it's kinda cool though, two of the saddles have been replaced. I'll take the sticker off and clean it up too obviously.


This amp is great, it's loud and clear with enough options to get the sound your after but not so much it'll give you a headache.
It's the best amp I've used in a band, but I play bass now so I don't really need it anymore.

Specs:2 x12 Fender speakers, Reverb,Stereo chorus,Switchable mid booost,FX send & Return. Stereo or Mono 130 watt RMS Mono or 65 Watt Stereo, Each channel has it's own volume, reverb and tone controls(treble,mid and bass) with the foot switch supplying the chorus effect and channel switching (clean-overdrive)

ASHDOWN MAG 600 £250 (ono)

I've barely used this amp since I bought it last year, I no longer have any use for it.


Ashdown's MAG Series has been developed for the busy semi pro player who doesn't require all the sophisticated tone shaping and connectivity of Ashdown's flagship ABM range.

Two brand new additions to the MAG Series are being shown at NAMM 2005.
The MAG 600 head provides a massive 600 watts of power and offers a wealth of tonal variation through its simple but effective 5 band EQ section. Rotary Bass, Middle and Treble controls are supplemented by additional rotary controls centred on frequencies of 220Hz and 1.6kHz – each providing 15dB of cut and boost for complete signal contouring.

Further tonal possibilities are possible via front panel push switches for 'Deep' and 'Bright' modes. When engaged, 'Deep' mode provides a warm, rounded quality while 'Bright' mode gives extra bite and attack. Low frequency performance is further enhanced by the onboard sub harmonic generator, which delivers earth-shattering levels of bottom end response.

Passive and Active instrument inputs are standard, along with an effects send and return, tuner/line output and a balanced DI output for direct patching to a mixing console.

The front panel line up is completed by Ashdown's trademark retro style illuminated VU meter, which monitors input level.

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