Thursday, 6 August 2009

Future Of The Left to Headline This Ain't No Picnic - Derry Version

The last time I saw FOTL was in a Mexican restaurant in Texas - even more oblique will seeing them play at St. Columb's Hall in Orchard Street in Derry at the end of the month (August 29th to be precise) - regional press release here. St. Columb's Hall is where little kids go to perform Irish Dances and sing Gregorian Chants in a competion called The Feis every Easter in Derry. The irony of FOTL ripping seven shades of shit out of such a pastoral setting is not lost on me.

Kudos to Brian and Charlene for pulling this lineup together - it's so good that I told them that I wanted to play as well. I can do things like that because I'M IN CHARGE. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Spectator, Black Bear Saloon and LaFaro - who are leading the current NIHXC revival. This really is a cheap ticket and it would be great if you could all buy in advance from WeGotTickets - Kelson's rider alone is costing a bomb.

If you don't have 'Curses' or 'Travels With Myself And Another' yet - then you're missing something integral in your musical life. Records so strong in fact that Brian Magill bought real ACTUAL COPIES WITH PAPER INSERTS AND EVERYTHING. If MCPS got hold of this man's computer they'd take him to the cleaners. Perhaps he's fearful of the wrath of Falco and rightly so, so irate was he over the leakage of the new record - "'Buy' such a dirty word...perhaps I should come to an arrangement with my landlord, through the musician-rent-waiver programme" - the man is a legend.

Full lineup is: LaFaro (Main Support), Panama Kings, Black Bear Saloon, Andrew Ferris, Dangerfields, Stereo War Favourites, Spectator, AER and The Beat Poets.

Our show kicks of at 3pm on Saturday August 29th at St Columb's Hall in Derry and admission is a bargain £8.

Tickets are available in advance from We Got Tickets - Right Now!

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