Saturday, 23 January 2010

LaFaro Vs The Fuzz

London England Town

jesus christus! it has unfortunately been brought to our attention that the queens own metropolitan police force are as pathetically ignorant, futile and cuntish as our own. but lack the intimidation factor, because they dont have guns.

first of all they pulled us and fined us for driving a trade vehicle up the queens driveway, even though our vehicle is in fact owned privately and we had as much right to be there as all the other vehicles.

then i had to stand and explain how northern ireland is for now still a part of the united kingdom, therefore i dont need to apply for a separate "english" vehicle test every time i decide to go there. and how its not my fault if the dvla in coleraine forgot to tell the english that we paid a full years vehicle tax.

30 quid straight to gordon brown.

ANYHOO..... last nights gig was pretty fuckin special for us. we had a blast, and could'nt believe how many people came down to see us and show their support. thank you all so much just for being there and allowing us to spout off about jesus and sectarianism and shit like that. i like to believe we live in a world where we can laugh about these things, y'know.

we were'nt sure if our brand of mediocre head-banging bull-sshhhiittt would wash with the average gig-ligging, music-loving brit, but i reckon we're doing alright. we're not dead yet; in fact far from it.

up the hoods, jonny

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