Wednesday, 27 January 2010

LaFaro Tour Diary Part 5

Well folkers....

its wednesday the 27th of january and we have on the road for thirteen days and counting!!! We find ourselves today in lovely wet lincoln..for a show in the best metal club ever!!! this is the second time that we have been here and the last time was a blast...

well, just an update of whats been happening since london town...well we rocked it there for a start with the gut wrenching sludge that is let our enemies beware...lovely boys too. check them out!!! Then we had the luxury of having a few days off which we spent with our good friend kiri, who is class! then it was off to portsmouth to the show iv been most excited about for this leg of the tour!!!

we landed there a day early and were terrifically well looked after by our bestest buddies, dd and rosie and the rest of the crew down there. we had the pleasure of playin with two great bands, the munroe effect and the great Little London!! then the madness ensued and we went back to party out with 9 pound bottles of buckfast!!!!

We hit the road then and did a pretty big drive to nottingham were we played in the chamelion arts cafe. gig went well and we stayed with our now good friend anouska, had a good night and woke up this morning feeling intact again and ready for tonights rockfest!!! so we are just hanging with our host Matt at the mo and being again totally brillantly looked after before we head down for the load in! then its off to leeds and then who nows!!!! wherever the rock may take us!

thanks to all of ye mad uns that have came out and shown their means so much to us, whether it was buying a cd or a shirt or just signing the mailing means so much to us!!! we will keep you posted with more of the same very soon guys!!! LaFaro loves ye! al. x

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