Wednesday, 27 January 2010

4 Or 5 Magicians In 2010

Sorry for being cryptic and all before Christmas, we aren't splitting up or anything, or rather, we are, but we aren't. Or something. I'll explain in a bit. But anyway - our Christmas show on December 22nd was the last time the current lineup of 4 or 5 Magicians will play together, apart perhaps from a final show for my birthday in late March / early April.

Alex (drums) and Sam (guitar) have both left the band to get proper jobs so they can eat and pay rent. My thanks to them for playing in the band, and on the album, will be hard to find better players. For the next two months, me and Ivan (bass) will be demoing some new songs I have written, and working on some ideas that I have, in a shed at the bottom of a garden in Surrey, like the Poddington Peas.

We are currently looking for a new guitarist and drummer to join (please email fourorfivemagicians[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk if you are interested in joining!), and we aim to hit the live circuit again in April with the sparkly new songs. I currently have four finished in my head, and they are definitely my best four songs to date (I know everyone says this about their new stuff as it would be silly not to, but it is absolutely true!). Also have a couple of crackers already demoed from past sessions which didn't fit in with the first album, but definitely will with this new one. If everything goes to plan, we aim to have at least seven or eight tracks demoed by April, do a short tour to roadtest the new material with the new band members, and do some festivals and record the album properly in the summer, before a release in the Autumn.

I did for a while toy with the idea of changing the name of the band for horrendous marketing / promotional reasons, essentially to give the industry a chance to hype us as a "new band", but instead I have chosen to keep the name on, and hope that the press / industry judge us on the music we are making, rather than dismissing us as has-beens or also-rans, which is disappointingly all too common with bands in our position. 'Empty, Derivative Pop Songs' got 7s, 8s and 9s, and I have every confidence this new album is going to be miles better. We might actually record this one properly, and I might actually put some effort into writing the songs this time around!

But yeah. I'm off to formulate a great record. Lets hope it works out that way!

Dan xx

PS. I'm afraid I've had to cancel the two solo shows I had booked in for Thursday (28th Jan) and Friday (29th Jan) in Taunton and Barnstaple, as my transport fell through at the last minute and I can't afford the train. I'll be back down that way with the band as soon as we are back up and running, and will be playing some solo shows in the coming months in London and Brighton, so look out for them!

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