Monday, 18 January 2010

LaFaro UK Tour Diary Part 3

I sit writing this in Newcastle, home to tantric tree hugger/bass thumber Sting, amphibian footwear enthusiast Jimmy Nail, the Queen (it's a little known fact that she's a Geordie) and world famous karaoke judge Cheryl Cole.

Here's a quick recap of our last few days -

13th Note in Glasgow was great fun, John fed us spicy, spicy chilli, The Ocean Fracture played and were rocking, our good friend Helen an her friend Cookie came along too so we had a wee tipple with them. Also in attendance were Michelle and Denise who just happened to be away from Belfast at the same time as us, it's always nice to see familiar faces. Bruce put us up in his flat and we were fed breakfast he next day by the lovely Nadine.

From there we headed to Newcastle for a gig in our friends Knuckledragger's practice room with the aformentioned face melting Dragger and Mass, both of whom were so awesome that we had to drink ourselves into near comas before playing in front of a crowd of friends and pipesmokers. Plenty of fun was had but don't ask me what happened after because I honestly cannot remember much, apart from throwing a car bonnet around a park, which I thought was Narnia and all the things that we shall never speak of......

We stayed and Pete & Aaron Knuckledragger's house and Aaron made us a delicious chicken dinner before going to Sunderland to play The Borough with The mighty Dragger. We rocked the tiny corner of the Borough, as did Knuckledragger, who are fast becoming my favourite band. Back to Newcastle for a few drinks before sleeping in the van with Dave.

Today we need to get an ink pad, valves for Jonny's head and figure out what's happeneing with the Durham gig tonight as the promoter just phoned to tell us he's cancelled it.......

Peace out you lovely people, it'll be funnier next time, i promise.

Herb x

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