Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wednesday links

Dear STA Blog. Wednesdays are rubbish, right? Not quite the end of the week, ages since the weekend... just about the only thing you can thank it for is not being Tuesday. So, have some fun readings to help you pass the time:

Conversing with myself and another: DiS meets Future Of The Left - new interview with Falco, where he talks about many things in such a way that it makes me wish all musicians people were as eloquent and funny as he is.

PWL blogs his new album for The Independent - STA fav Pagan Wanderer Lu's new album, the wonderful Fight My Battles For Me, was released this week via Brainlove Records. PWL is blogging for The Independent all this week, and it's well worth a read. Also worth a read: his regular blog.

I might start doing this regularly.

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