Wednesday, 24 June 2009

ASIWYFA: Clutch Tour Diary Part Five

We all agree that Luxembourg is a beautiful country but I suppose it always helps when you arrive in blazing sunshine and get a friendly greeting at the venue. With a backstage area almost as caverous as the actual main hall, we were very well looked after with delicious hot food and all the snacks and drinks any band could ever want.

The first time in a new country is always a little weird for a band, as you never know how the crowd will react. From a performance point of view the band played great, but we were all unsure if the crowd actually enjoyed it as it was mostly polite applause between songs rather than the usual whoops and shouts. Our uncertainty was very much quashed after the gig when our merch table was besieged by new fans who piled praise upon the band and left laden heavy with CDs and shirts. Some incredible things were said to the band and I know they were very touched by the praise. Luxembourg we now officially love you and will make sure to come back again very soon, that is a promise.

After the gig we went camping. Yes, camping. In tents. Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll was swapped for a nice hot cup of tea and snuggling into sleeping bags on a sedate campsite. This was a very wise decision and we awoke refreshed and fully rested (or as rested as you can ever be on tour - approx 5 hours sleep) and were back in the van on our way to Cologne in Germany!

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