Monday, 1 June 2009

Fighting With Wire ATL Takeover - Tonight!

Tune into BBC Radio Ulster's Across The Line Programme to hear Fighting With Wire in a special takeover. The lads will be spinning the tunes and providing the banter - you know it's going to be a must-hear!

BBC Radio Ulster from 8pm until 10pm tonight. If you're in Norn Iron (Northern Ireland) you can tune in via 92 - 95 FM on yer wireless, or alternatively, if you're outside of the catchment area for Radio Ulster, you can listen online here and click on the 'listen live' option at the top of the page.

update - update - update - update

The show has been and gone. It was cool. The guys played some golden nuggets that never get played on the radio. Check it out via iplayer here. It's good for 7 whole days.

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