Thursday, 25 June 2009

LaFaro Need Album Input From YOU!

The 4 man Belfast powerhouse that is LaFaro are asking for your input on their new album (sneak listens of which we've been blown away by at STA) -

What if we'd recorded an album but we needed your help to finish it?
What if you, Mr/Mrs/Miss General Public, could join in with our creative process?
We have an album.....
but at the moment, it has no name......
it has no artwork.......
We have plenty of ideas ourselves but where's the fun in that?!
You see, us LaFaro boys are what Wall Street types would call 'Ideas Men'.
The thing about that though, is that EVERYBODY has ideas!
So we want YOUR input on our album.
Any kind of input that is.
Photos, drawings, paintings, doodles, words, sounds, logos, name it!
Any ideas you have, send them our way, right here, on Myspace.
Who knows?
Your ideas could end up on the cover of our album......
on our tshirts......
it could be an album title or anything!
And we might just send you something back in return......
Lots of love,

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