Tuesday, 26 May 2009

An Emergency Suplex Cassette Release

Matt from Suplex Cassettes marries DIY with retro technology in the form of a very limited cassette release for An Emergency's Wrecked Angles...

Suplex Cassettes started to release small runs of tapes for bands that I really liked, regardless of whether it is a new album, an EP, a live set or noisy demos, as long as I like it! An Emergency was a starting point as I was in a band with Dan from An Emergency and thought that this would be a killer start to the label.

It took a long time to get it started for various reasons but now we have great releases lined up for The Light Sleepers (Faux Discx/Smalltown America), Spectrals (Captured Tracks), Thee Fair Ohs (Sex Is Disgusting/Knife or Die) and The Teen Sheikhs (Captured Tracks/Sex Is Disgusting), and loads more in the pipeline.

It's also great as its easy to make your money back and put into the next release straight away, and as they are small runs I can re-press them easily if they sell fast and if they don't sell then it's only 50 tapes, not 400 7"s under my bed! Plus they are great for making special handmade covers with crazy coloured tapes, so people will have a little package to own

Thumbs up all round from STA!

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