Monday, 11 May 2009

ASIWYFA & Maybeshewill Tour 09 - Diary 1

Okay, okay, I know we're pretty damn awful when it comes to doing these tour diaries on a regular basis, but I can assure you that, like a reformed substance abuser, we are trying to change. Hell, Rory has just been sent out in Newcastle with a fistful of stirling to buy a flashcam!

That's correct people, we're gonna join the Youtube age and should have video evidence of the insanity that is currently being carved out the length and breadth of Ireland, Scotland and England (our one Welsh show was cancelled, sorry guys). So lets hope he makes it back with one and doesn't exchange it for a load of magic beans. Like last time. Curse you magic beans.

I'm getting ahead of myself, things kicked off in Limerick on Thursday 30th of April back on our home island. We hooked up with Maybeshewill and the promoters from Livewire, the irrepressable Mitch and Dave, and made our journey to Bakers Place. The Gig was an absolute blast, crowdsurfing, I got my guitar stuck on some guys dreads mid thrash, pints getting smashed everywhere, a circle pit, just sheer bedlam, the way we like it.

Afterwards we hightailed it to Cork and Mitch's amazing girlfriend, Karen, let the ASIWYFA crew set up camp at her amazing house on the coast at Fountainville. Which is basically the exact opposite end of Ireland we're from. Portstewart/Portrush to Fountainville is quite a trek.

The gig at the Quad in Cork was equally as chaotic and therefore just as much fun, the audience were right in our faces and went totally fucking bananas. Good work.

Then we had the long, long, long drive back to Belfast. Rory and Chris took the drive in shifts and I nominated my self to stay awake and talk complete shit to keep them awake, albeit through a mix of bewilderment and confusion, but hey, it worked.

We got back to Belfast about half 8 in the morning. Tried to get a couple of hours sleep and then business as usual. I got approximately two hours and then went down to the Oh Yeah! Centre, to help give a workshop in conjunction with the grand opening of the new Strummerville Rehearsal rooms. We all hooked up at Custom House Square to get set up and sound checked for our big ASIWYFA vs FWW showdown.

Everybody played an absolute stormer, Maybeshewill, A Plastic Rose and Fighting With Wire all were amazing. The highpoint had to be the finale for us though, FWW, clad in the finest wrestling apparrel available, rushed the stage and we joined up to play Territorial Pissings by Nirvana, we had one rehearsal earlier in the day, but fuck it, its three chords! Craig "The Machine" McKean threw Rory into the crowd like a piece of paper. AND it sold out! Lethal.

Dublin up next, upstairs in Whelans, the place was rammed out and the crowd themselves were amazing and really enthusiastic. After this we had the drive BACK to Belfast to get the ferry at 7am and drive to Aberdeen. Good job we had plenty of Red Bull left over from the Belfast show. Although we were starting to worry about Johnnys burgeoning caffeine addiction. We're here for you buddy.

Aberdeen was completely unchartered territory for us so there was a little trepidation about whether or not anyone would be there! Thaknfully, our fears were duly sedated and a great crowd turned up. the first of a lot of nights sleeping in the van beckoned.

Once more into the breach with Dundee, another place we hadn't played before, and once more fears about lack of crowd were put to bed and the turn out was superb. Cal, let us go use his house as a tea station and a place for showers. Cal, we salute you.

Edinburgh up next, Sneaky Petes, which is owned by a childhood buddy of mine, the immaculately coiffured Nick Stewart. Bruce and John of Firestorm events always promote the christ outta shows so we knew the crowds were gonna be good and we were spot on, Sell Out!

Afterwards our good buddy Rick put us up, and way too much was imbibed, I'm sure the photos and videos from that night will come back to bite us all on the balls. That is if they haven't been seized by the authorities already.

Glasgow next and again another Sell Out, whoohoo! Actually more than a sell out, the capacity was 108 and they squeezed in 132 PLUS they had to turn a few away at the door (sorry guys but we'll be back!). This gig was fucking awesome. Full stop.

Stirling the next day, and although the crowd was a little more subdued, the turn out was great and it was another new town conquered. Amazing veggie curry on the rider to, kudos!

The Celtic leg of the tour was over as made our way to Durham in England, another new town! We really had no clue as to how this would go but it was great, small intimate venue with a great crowd that were totally into it.

Which brings us neatly up to last night, at The Head of Steam in Newcastle, we love playing Newcastle so it was good to be back. Awesome, as always. Massive thanks to Graeme The Harbinator Harbinson for putting us up. Huge thanks to the barman who got Rory so pissed, he's looking fantastic today.

Thas us up to speed, finally! So hopefully we will have some video evidence of the rest of tour...if only Rory can avoid the magic beans...again.



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