Thursday, 21 May 2009

65daysofstatic Make DJ Debut

AD3 headliners 65daysofstatic man the decks for the very first time this Saturday...

Picture the scene: Twisted Licks strolls into work, bit gutted as we thought it was Thursday and it's only Wednesday. On goes the computer, in goes the vat of coffee and oh, my what's that?! A little home made video from 65daysofstatic about their first ever DJ set, which, incidentally, we have this Saturday in The Macbeth in Hoxton. They're excited, we're excited, you're excited.

Last weekend was spent in The Great Escape finding new artists we adore (like Mothlite), eating ice-cream on the beach, perving on the locals and watching Banjo or Freakout - the buzz band of the weekend. And we've got them this Sat too! Kinda hot line up, don't you think? Specially given we've got Gyratory System opening.

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