Sunday, 10 May 2009

Alan MX-Men

Ahead of the release of Warpsichord later in the summer, here's Alan MX with the first in a series of blog entries...

I'm watching the X-Men Animated Series today. I've had two glasses of red wine today and read four books this week, which is something of a record for me.

Band practices are going really well. What's really cool about it is remaking songs from scratch, some you wouldn't recognize from the album versions. Me and Matt were talking about it last night on the way to see Wolverine, how cool it is that the versions of the tracks that appear on Warpsichord are by no means the definitive versions. The bare bones of the tracks remain the same, but everything else can change and should change. I like the idea that this release will mark a point in history of these songs and this idea. Like a single frame in a roll of film.

When I was finishing off the production of this album I really liked the idea of releasing it as a double sided disc, one side containing the main mixes and the other side the tracks completely reimagined or remixed. The idea being that you wouldn't necessarily know which was which, it would be down to the listener to decide which version was the definitive one for them. I shied away from this idea eventually, partially because of the difficulties that would arise for a DJ from a double sided disc, but also because I want this album to be as accessible as possible from the jump. No gimmicks if possible. But there is no reason not to investigate things in a live setting. Its also going to be really beneficial for the other musicians playing with me to be able to improvise themselves, and that without the rigidity of a backing track I can begin to experiment vocally.

I can't wait to get going with this now. I think Ireland will be first. I've been thinking a lot about my next project recently. I think its going to be pretty fun to work on. I'd like to bring in other musicians for this one I think. I'm so used to working alone, but have found these past few weeks enlightening.

I wonder if I might have a little sleep now. That episode of X-Men where the Morlocks first appear is on and it's one of my favourites.

Would anyone be interested in reading a blog which is less about music and more about my favourite X-Men? Well you might get one anyway.

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