Sunday, 8 August 2010

Illness In The Studio

I had a really great time working with Illness on their new album, the week was very busy with lots of tracks to put down in a short space of time. We did twelve in all. Emilio was a star as he helped me cut up the drums on PT; one night working through to 7AM - legend. Chris must have worked 70 hours that week too > star man. We've gone for a YLTengo/Second Album Pavement sound on the recordings. Loads of middle and not being too bothered about silly things like string noise and drum rattles.

I'm really looking forward to mixing this one when I get back from holiday later in September. Currently we're chatting to Bob Weston about cutting it as I think he did such a good job with the Ice, Sea, Dead People record. I'll probably mix this to tape > my mate Roger is selling me his Revox B77 Tape Recorder. I need to get it overhauled and whatnot - but I can't think of a better excuse to get this done than for this record. If anyone in NI has any quarter-inch tape stock gethering dust in the loft, can you drop me or Chris a line? We're buying as much virgin tape as we can afford at the moment. Carrie came to Derry to shoot Illness and Skibunny and took some lovely shots of the lads. Note our recent refurbishment!

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