Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Axis Of Cover LaFaro On New Comp

Here's news of a compilation album we like the sound of -

NI Chart, a website dedicated to supporting local artists, has done just that by working with nine local acts to produce a compilation CD. NI Chart presents We’ve Got It Covered features a cover of one of each band’s favourite local acts, and includes the likes of Mojo Fury, Axis Of and More Than Conquerors.

And here’s the line-up:

1. Mojo Fury – Alloy Mental (Alloy Mental)
2. Cara Cowan – It Bends In The Middle (Dutch Schultz)
3. More Than Conquerors – Children (Panama Kings)
4. Paul Pilot – Burial Ground (Henry McCullough)
5. Axis Of – Tuppenny Nudger (LaFaro)
6. Skip Moses – Moonlight Kiss (Bap Kennedy)
7. Alice Kona Band – Pretty Face (Ed Zealous)
8. Katie & the Carnival – Hats on Sticks (The Good Fight)
9. Skp – Annexed (Escape Fails)

Pre-order now or pick it up at festivals and gigs throughout Northern Ireland during the summer.

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